Material Data for Welding Simulation and Heat Treatment Simulation

Materials data for your simulation

We deliver ready to go material cards for all relevant materials for welding and heat treatment simulation:
  • DynaWeld
  • MatPlusHQ
  • Sysweld
The materials data is supplemented and extended according to the requirements of the respective calculation.
In the welding simulation, you can choose between a single-phase material model for distortion simulation or a multi-phase material model for residual stress and microstructure calculations.
In collecting the materials data we work together with: Materials simulation

Materials simulation is the numerical calculation of material properties. The materials simulation is integrated as a structural transformation calculation in the structure welding simulation or heat treatment simulation. It enables to calculate material data for the welding and heat treatment simulation, cost-effectively.
Combining the welding simulation and the material simulation, we can determine the microstructure and the mechanical properties in the seam area.

Heat control for welded components

In contrast to heat treatment, the structural transformation occurring in welding with steels is an undesirable side effect. Adverse cooling rates lead to hard structures with low ductility. Such welds can result in premature failure.
By means of heat control, cooling rates are set via the adaptation of the line energy and the preheating temperature, which results in mechanically good-natured microstructural states.
For assemblies with thermally sensitive components (plastics, coatings, heat treated parts), heating by welding in the worst case can lead to damage. These critical conditions can be detected using the welding simulation and avoided with a suitable design of the heat control.