Simulation of Heat-Treatment

With the heat treatment, materials properties
can be specifically set by utilizing structural changes.

The simulation allows you to analyze whether this property change takes place as desired. The heat treatment simulation provides information about:
  • carburisation depth
  • microstructure distribution
  • component distortion
The heat treatment simulation is applicable to all processes such as:
  • blind hardening
  • case hardening
  • induction hardening
  • vacuum hardening
The heat treatment simulation covers all process steps such as
heating - carburising - quenching - tempering.

An important industrial application of the heat treatment simulation lies in the geometrical design of the components for limiting the thermal distortion.

A heat treatment simulation can also be coupled with the welding simulation:
  • stress relieve annealing after welding
  • welding on heat treated parts
Our software solutions for heat treatment problems: