WeldWare® - Welding Advisory System

WeldWare® is a welding advisory system developed at SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH Rostock. WeldWare® helps you to get fast decisions concerning the calculation of the heat management before welding in produncion and repair.
After the choise of your steel from material database you can save your individual charge and precalculate exact for this the microstructure and the mechanical properties in the heat affected zone of the weld in dependency of the cooling rate. Based on one of the largesd librarys on selfmeasured welding-cct-diagrams WeldWare® uses charge comprehensive regression equations. So you are able to optimize cooling time, welding parameter, preheating and costs by saving your product quality.
WeldWare® provides an interface to welding structure simulation like DynaWeld or SysWeld.

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System requirements: Windows