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Software single computer anual leasing license
  • DynaWeld 1st. year 6370,00 €/Jahr
  • DynaWeld 2nd year and above 3710,00 €/Jahr
  • SimWeld 7500,00 €/Jahr
  • WeldWare full version 1430,00 €/Jahr
  • MatPlusHQ 1040,00 €/Jahr
Software short time license for test purpose, single computer
  • DynaWeld 3 month 3570,00 €
  • SimWeld 1 month 200,00 €
  • WeldWare full version 3 month 240,00 €
  • MatplusHQ 1 month 210,00 €
Material data
  • MatPlusHQ 600,00 € each data set
  • DynaWeld 2860,00 € each data set
The basic data for material data sets are calculted with material simulation. The material data set for MatPlusHQ contains the thermophysical material properties needed for MatplusHQ. The material data set for DynaWeld is available for single and multiphase material models. It contains the thermal, electrical (resistivity) and mechanical properties.For multi pahse material the parameter for phase transformation simulation are included.

  • 1 day training at DynaWeld or 1 day web-training 1330,00 €
The license fee for 1st year DynaWeld or the short time license Dynaweld 3 month
includes 2 days training at DynaWeld or 2 days web-training.

Training can be held at the customers place with additional cost for travel and travel time.

Consulting or bild up of simulation models
For the evaluation of cost of individual simulation tasks we need the following informations:
  • Geometry: sketch or CAD-data (IGES STEP CATIA ANSA)
  • Number and roughly length of welds
  • Weld process and design of weld with number of passes
  • Materials
  • Clamp situation
  • Special tasks like predeformation, cutting, reclamping
  • How many variations shall be considered
  • and finally the questiong or issue to be solved by the simulation?

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The prices mentioned above are valid within EU.