Goldak - VrSuite

More than 40 years of scientific work are implemented in a powerfull simulation tool special designed for welding, heat treatment and casting phenomenas by Goldak Technologies Inc. in Ottawa, Canada

"The primary aim of the work is to transfer this technology from the research specialists who are devoleloping it to the engineers who must apply it in the design and production of welded structures" [Goldak 1985].

This vision of John Goldak leads to a designer driven software which satifies the main issues and requests on the numerical code of a manufacturing simulation tool:
  • High performance - fast simulation
  • High robustness - each simulation leads to results
  • High precision - high result quality
in combination to an easy to use user interface with automatizations as most as possible.
Goldak - VrSuite contains the modules:
  • VrHeatTreat for heat treatment analyis including case hardening
  • VrWeld for welding analysis including coupled process and structure analysis
  • VrFrac for fracture mechanics to predict fatigue or crack risks
  • VrOptimizer to mitigate weld distortion and residual stresses
Goldak Vr-Suite considers the multiple physical phenomena treated by different coupled and parallesized solvers in full transient 3D analysis:
  • Thermal analysis
  • Weldpool formation and heat input calculation
  • Microstructure, hardness, phase transformation, solidification
  • Mechanical analysis - stress, strain, deformation
  • Diffusion analysis - carburisation
extendet to microscale simulation for microstructure, fatique analysis and optimisation analysis.

The analysis of VrSuite Code uses GPU technology.

The results can be used as initial state for the next simulation step within all modules. Moreover results from analysis with other codes can be imported or the results of VrSuite can be exported for other codes. This enables the process chain simulation which is essential in manufacturing simulations.

If you like to learn more on Vr-Suite, send us a short message:

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