Welding - Heat Treatment - Process Chain

In the future DynaWeld ist the name for software packages which aid the CAE engineer in an effective setup of simulation models for the welding structure analysis and heat treatment analysis.

DynaWeld is designed to setup large simulation models with many welds in a short time.

DynaWeld supports 2D models 3D solid model, shell models and hybrid models to fit the demand of every simulation task.

DynaWeld has an own tool for data input, import and adjustment of material data for welding and heat treatment simulaion.

DynaWeld supports interfaces to Sorpas®, SimWeld®, WeldWare® JMatPro® and Sysweld.

DynaWeld is integrated in the process chain simulation and supports the import of previous simulation steps.

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DynaWeld Main Frame

System requirements: Linux, Windows
Monitor resolution 1920 x 1080
DynaWeld requres LS-DYNA to perform the analysis