MatPlusHQ is a program for determining optimal heating and cooling rates and holding times during the heat treatment process. It is distinguished by its ease of use and intuitive operation. No knowledge of finite element programs is required. On the contrary, the icon-based loading of the component geometry, the input of the temperature-time regime and the subsequent calculation is carried out within minutes.
The results are displayed by significant 2D graphics. MatplusHQ GUI MatPlusHQ Grafic user interface with display of results

Material data sets for MatPlusHQ can be calculated with JMatPro for any materials.
MatplusHQ Material MatPlusHQ Material properties for the calculation (heating)

MatPlusHQ contains its own meshing tool. For the calculation, only the geometry in step format is necessary. Simple basic geometries are already predefined. With the import of already meshed geometries, the calculation can also be performed on any complex geometries.
By calculating the minimum furnace time for complete heating of the component, considerable energy costs and production times can be saved.
MatplusHQ Material MatPlusHQ Heating calculation - furnace parameters

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System requirements: Windows (Linux on request)
Monitor resolution 1920 x 1080