Workshops, Conference, Training or info days offer an wide overview about the opportunities of welding and heat treatment simulation.
We recomend the following events:

  • 14.05.2019 Düsseldorf, Germany
    Meeting of the advisory group applied simulation in manufacturing for welding and heat treatment in research and praxis (FAI2).
    10:00 Uhr, Stahl-Zentrum, Großer Saal, Sohnstr. 65, 40237 Düsseldorf
    where to find
    Cost: To join the meeting is free of charge
    Organiser: FOSTA, FWS

  • 05. - 07. November 2019 Weimar, Germany
    Simulationsforum Schweißen und Wärmebehandlung 2019 (learn more)

    Content: Conference on welding simulation and heat treatment simulation
    Organiser: Förderverein zur numerischen Analyse der Wärmebehandlungs- und Schweißprozesse e.V.,

  • 26.-29.09.2021 Seggau, Österreich
    13th International Seminar Numerical Analysis of Weldability (learn more)

    Content: International conference on welding simulation
    Organiser: IWS of TU Graz,