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    FMB - Supplier show for the machinery industry in Bad Salzuflen
    DynaWeld presents innovative simulation methods to increase efficiency in production at the supplier show for the machinery industry. The digital twin also made digitally - DynaWeld makes it possible in the sense of Industry 4.0.
    DynaWeld has a good response at the joint stand In | The RegionRuhr, the innovation network for industry and services:
    DynaWeld at the FMB 2018 in Bad Salzuflen
    Goldak Technologies and DynaWeld starts partnership
    John Goldak mets Jens Rohbrecht and Tobias Loose at Seggau conference this autum. We discussed our visions on welding and heat treatment simulation software - suitable for industrial application and use.
    Goldak Technologies Inc. and DynaWeld decided to start a partnership.
    DynaWeld is now distributor of Goldak´s software VrSuite

    Goldak-VrSuite is an entire software environment for welding, heat treatment casting and fracture mechanics. It covers process simulation, structure simulation, microstructure analysis on macro and microscale as well as optimisation with high efficient solution algorithms and maximum level of automatisation. As John Goldak says: "it is a designer driven software" - tailored for the operator who wants to design his manufacturing process.

    John Goldak and Tobias Loose in discussion at Seggau conference 2018
    about manufactuing simulations.
    New Sorpas interface for DynaWeld
    DynaWeld and Swantec aggree to develop an interface between Sorpas2D and DynaWeld. The new interface enables the user to export process simulation results from Sorpas and continue the simulation with DynaWeld. It benefits the DynaWeld user with the integration of high elaborated and well benchmarked resistance spot weld simulation from Sorpas.

15.10. - 19.10.2018
    DynaWeld presents itself at the 15. LS-DYNA Forum in Bamberg with its own exhibition stand. With a total of three lectures and a workshop DynaWeld reports on successful calculations in the fields of hot forming, heat treatment and assembly.
    DynaWeld is also present at Nordic LS-DYNA Users´s Conference with a presentation on the distortion calculation of large thin-walled sheet metal structures using precise simulation methods.
    DynaWeld at the LS-DYNA Forum 2018
    Here you can read our lectures and publications.
    Sales partnership with UIT SOLUTIONS in South Korea
    In September, UIT SOLUTIONS from Seoul in South Korea, represented by Seve Kim, Managing Director at UIT, and Mark Kim visited DynaWeld in Wössingen. At the meeting it was discussed how the products and services of DynaWeld can be provided for the Korean market. UIT and DynaWeld agree on a sales partnership. UIT henceforth will distribute DynaWeld in Korea.
    COMTES DFM becomes sales partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    COMTES DFM from Dobřany in the Czech Republic becomes distributor for DynaWeld in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Preparatory discussions on future collaboration have already been carried out at the JMatPro user conference in Wuppertal in June this year. COMTES is primarily concerned with the heat treatment, hot forming, materials science and the determination of material properties. Already during the development phase of MatPlusHQ, Jens Prehm (DynaWeld Kamen) was in close contact with Pavel Šuchmann from Comtes.
23. - 27.09.2018
    DynaWeld attends the 12th seminar on numerical modeling of weld phenomena in Seggau, austria. At the international conference, researchers and users of the welding simulation come together and report about recent research results.
    DynaWeld in Seggau 2018
    DynaWeld in Seggau 2018
    KIT Karlsruhe uses DynaWeld for research projects
    Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Metzger, Research Centre for Steel, Timber and Masonry, KIT Karlsruhe, is investigating a process in which sheets are welded together and then inflated under pressure: Die-Less-Hydroforming. Metzger uses DynaWeld to numerically investigate the coupled process. Metzger presented latest results at this year´s LS-DYNA conference in Detroit. The publication can be downloaded directly from the website with the following link:
    9th day of welding practice in Rostock
    At the SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommen DynaWeld presented possible applications and saving potentials of welding simulations. Of particular interest was the multi-layer simulation, which provides information about the microstructure and material conditions after welding. ZTU data for the calculation is provided by the Weldware® program developed in Rostock.
    DynaWeld Release June 2018
    New functionalities in DynaWeld:
    • Tied shell edge to solid contact applicable on MPP
      – including quasi tied thermal contact
    • 32 Bit Linux executable
12.6.- 13.2018
    JMatPro user conference in Wuppertal
    DynaWeld participated in the JMatPro user conference in Wuppertal, which was organised by Matplus GmbH. The coupling of the material simulation with the heat treatment simulation or welding simulation enables the controlled component design in the drafting stage. DynaWeld has presented the possibilities and advantages of this simulation method in Wuppertal. Both MatPlusHQ and DynaWeld® have corresponding interfaces to JMatPro to realize the coupled simulation.
    DynaWeld Release May 2018
    New functionalities in DynaWeld:
    • Heat treatment Analysis
      – heating, quenching, air cooling, tempering
      – auto detection of surface
      – simulation of diving
      – heating or tempering either by heat simulation or by use of thermal cycle method with applied temperature curve
    • DynaWeld now available on linux
    • New simulation step with prior results (dynain)
      – now supporting lsda format
      – enables multi stage simulation forwarding the weld status
      – with initial state of welding contact
      – with autoextract of Mesh from prior lsda file (DynaWeld lsda-reader)
    • DynaWeld License check
    New product: MatPlusHQ
    On 01.04.2018 DynaWeld takes over the heat treatment software MatPlusHQ
    from Matplus GmbH. At DynaWeld, the on-going development of MatPlusHQ is carried out by Dr. Jens Prehm.
    DynaWeld has arranged a partnership with Matplus GmbH. In particular, the coupling between material simulation on the one hand and heat treatment and welding simulation on the other hand should be promoted and expanded.
    New DynaWeld branch office at Technopark Kamen
    On 1. 4. 2018, DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG has establish branch office at Technopark Kamen.

    With the opening of the branch in Kamen, DynaWeld expands its expertise in material modeling and the simulation of hot forming processes (massive warm forming, press hardening).
    The branch in Kamen is headed by our new employee Dr.-Ing. Jens Prehm. With its expertise in materials science, computational fluid dynamics and hot forming simulation, Mr. Prehm is an ideal match for the DynaWeld team.
    All contact details of our branches can be found
    under Contact --> Contact person DynaWeld Kamen
    DynaWeld Release March 2018
    New functionalities in DynaWeld:
    • EM-Analsysis with Joule Heating for Resistance Welding
      – Electric contact according Jonny-Kaars-Model (temperature and pressure)
    • Tools, Clamp closure and opening
      – load and displacement on rigid bodys
      – load and displacement on nodes
      – elastic springs
    • Pressure on surface
    • Pre heating and post weld heat treatment:
      – surface heating
      – predefined temperature curve (oven curve)
      – initial temperature non uniform over parts
    • new heat input features:
      – Heat input calibration
      – Rohbrecht heat source with linear extrusion
      – Surface heating on whole segment set
    • New simulation step with prior results (dynain)
    • Auto source of existing Keyword file, Autodetection of parts material and thickness
    • simple forming analysis
    • Automatic friction contact for each part against each part of a part set