Archiv 2016

  • Establishment of DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG
    The sessions of establishment of the DynaWeld GmbH & Co KG and of the
    Loose & Rohbrecht GmbH as limited partner of the KG took place today in Schöppenstedt.
    The notarization was carried out by Notary Dietmar Wölker.
  • New DynaWeld Release
    We released a new DynaWeld Version within the following new features:
    * Material-Data-Templates for steel and aluminium
    * User defined material data input
    * Sysweld Import, JMAtPro Import
    * Scaling of flow curves by yield and tensile stress
    * DynaWeld does not requires admin rights for installation
    * Reverse of weld direction
    * LS-DYNA thermal edge contact
    * LS-DYNA welding contact for shells
Chrismas 2016
    Weichnachten 2016
  • Welding-contact shells
    Meanwhile in LS-DYNA a special weling contat is available for solid elements as well as for shell elements. We published an example:
    Weld-Contact for shell element models
    LS-DYNA also features thermal edge contact from shell edge to shell surface or shell edge to solid.
    Now all contact types mentioned above are implemented in the DynaWeld preprocessor as well.
    Additionally we added two more application examples:
    Laser welding of thin sheets
    large industrial case
  • DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG in the course of incorporation
    Upcoming we will establish the DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG together with Jens Rohbrecht. The new company takes over the development of DynaWeld. Aditionally she provides consultiong for welding, heat treatment and process simulation. On you will find our anouncement.
New Year 2016
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