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Chrismas 2013
  • Weihnachtsgruß 2013
  • Two new Movies are uploaded on our Youtube channel.
    Welding of thin foils demonstrates the influence of different energy per length on process stability of laser welding of thin foils. (available in english version soon)
    Thermal straightening shows the mechanism of thermal straightening, a similar mechanism which leads to weld distortion.
  • 21 participants gets first impression on welding simulation in our taster cours held in cooperation with SLV München and Lehrstuhl für Metallbau of TU München.
    Schnupperkurs Schweissimulation
  • Einen breitgefächerten Überblick über die Einsatz- und Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der Schweißsimulation bot der 4. Workshop Anwendungsnahe Schweißsimulation des Gemeinschaftsausschuß FA I2 von Fosta und DVS, der am 23.5.2013 in Aachen vom Institut für Schweißtechnik und Fügetechnik ausgerichtet wurde.
    In unserem Vortrag Qualitätssicherung durch Schweißprozeßsimulation mit SimWeld stellen wir die Proeßsimulation mit SimWeld vor und erläutern wie mit SimWeld die Schmelzbadgeometrie zur Einhaltung der geometrischen Anforderungen an die Bewertungsgruppen von Schweißnähten vorausberechnet werden kann.
    Anwendungsnahe Schweißsimulation
  • From 14. till 15. May the 10 conference on joining and design in railway vehicle manufacturing took place at SLV Halle. On this conference we presented with Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH the transient welding structure analysis of a cantilever of a bogie. The first transient simulation in this dimensions: 2,8 m length of assebley, 56 m welds, 9000 s welding time. This pioneer work of welding simulation was enabled by the performance of simufact.welding with DDM-technologie.
    Loose,T. ; Boese, B.: Leistungsfähigkeit der Schweißsimulation im Schienenfahrzeugbau.
    Paper in the proceedings
    Schweißen im Schienenfahrzeugbau
10.05.2013 08.05.2013
  • From 7. till 8. Mai in Garching near Munich the spring meeting of the technical committee of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik e.V. took place. We hold a presentation on Calculation of residual stresses with welding simulation
    In this presentation we point out the influence of initial strain, for example induced by rolling, of the evolution of residual stresses.
  • Simufact.welding is a new software product for welding structure analysis to calculate distortion, residual stresses and microstructure from welding.
    We tested intensively the software and recognized, with Simufact.welding there is a product in the market, which not only calculates residual stresses and distortion from welding correctly but also is first time a welding simulation sofware with
    - attractive,
    - easy to understand,
    - quick to learn and
    - easy to use
    grafic user interface, which enables a fast and efficient handling of projects. Especially to point out is:
    the automatic detection of contact between parts and clamps,
    the automatic mesh refinement and
    the application of non conform FEM-Meshes
    leads to a significant save of time by setup the models.
    That is the reason why we change over to Simufact.welding.
  • Since 01.01.2013 Simufact.welding, a software for welding structure analysis, is new in our procuct family.